Dance came into Jose and Rosy’s lives in a casual way but slowly with effort and dedication it has grown into a profession. Nowadays they teach dancing.
They have learnt from some of the best dancers in the world, always trying to create their own style.
These are some of the dancers they have to thank for their technique and style.

Likewise Jose and Rosy have participated in numerous national and international festivals as artists giving workshops and presenting their choreographic work. They have participated in various competitions getting great results such as twice champions of salsa and bachata, several times Championship finalists Spain Salsa and Salsa European Open finalists and finalists of the 2016 world championships in Athens Greece salsa 2009 and 2015 World Cup Latin in Miami.

Her dancing has crossed borders even to the American continent have performed at various events and cities like .. New York, Houston, Dallas, Austin, Chicago, Atlanta, Charlotte or Mexico ...